Line breaks from SP list multi-line column

Hi team this is going to be a post about how can we use line breaks from multiple-line column in sharepoint into an email in Power Automate, so lets do it.

First you need to have a multi-line column in sharepoint.

Then you need to get the data from the sharepoint list

So when you test your flow your result is going to be like this

As you see the multiline don't allow line breaks, so to use line breaks you need to do some convertions, here we start.

So firts add a compose value with the multi-line column from sharepoint, then use the expression encodeUriComponent and as value use the output from the first compose, then you are going to see some special characters and the characters %0A is equals to line break so to use that line break into an email we are going to replace that characters to <br> that means line break in HTML.

One last step is convert again the special characters to normally and for that you need to use decodeUriComponent, and send an email with the output from the last compose.

Then you have it this is going to be the result

I hope this can helps

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