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Hi Team Power Automate this time I want to share with you how you can get row from google sheet. Some days ago I was looking into a class how to get a specific row from a google sheet and then I create a google sheet a column called ID with unique idenfiers and for my surprise when I try to get a row an error appears and says Row with key '2' not found. 

Then I try to change the column format, create again the excel, crearte a new connection and nothing works. Finally I decide to use get rows and I see a propertie called ItemInternalId and Bamp thats the solution.

Please allow me to share wih you the solution.

1.- You need to create an excel sheet here is mine

2.- Then create a flow using first get rows and see you have in your flow output a propertie called ItemInternalId, please copy that internal ID.

3.- Finally in your flow in the action get row just paste that Internal ID and let the magic runs.

You are now able to get a specific row from google sheets using power automate.

I hope this article could help you any coments you can leave it down. See you next time.

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